What Parents are saying about Publish My Book™:

“My daughter loved the Publish My Book™ course! She gained confidence in herself as she worked through the process of writing and illustrating her very own book. You could see the pride of ownership beaming in her smile as she shared her published book with others and as she read her masterpiece to her brother and sister’s preschool class.”

Mr. Jeff Nolan, Dean of Students, The Rhoades School, Encinitas, CA

“The students who enrolled in Publish My Book™ took great pride in their creations and learned that surprisingly advanced things can be accomplished at a young age. This boost in confidence and raised level of personal expectation will surely expand their concept of ‘What I can do.”Research has shown that life satisfaction increases when people learn that they have a degree of control over their environment and destiny. The Publish My Book™ class was an effective vehicle for this lesson and I am confident the participating students learned a valuable lesson while polishing their writing and storytelling skills.”