Lisa headshotLisa Monaco Gonzales is a Best-Selling Author and Publisher.  She graduated from Bryant University and lead corporate initiatives throughout the United States and internationally for Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm and Verizon. Today, she is recognized on television, radio, and newspapers for her books and opinion editorials.

Lisa wrote a children’s book called Jesse’s Dream in elementary school and published it as an adult. She could not help but wonder, what if she published as a child? As a gift to our youth, Lisa developed Publish My Book™, where her students become authors and  illustrators of their very own published books! This program empowers children to believe in themselves and gives them the ability to fulfill their dreams WRITE NOW!

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Beauty of the Birch

1).Birch trees represent the cleansing of the past and new beginnings.
2).This tree of renewal was used by the Native Americans in their tee pees. They used the bark as the inner pole, the center; it  represented the beginning process of gathering for shelter.
3).The Europeans would bring the birch twigs inside their houses which would stand for protection.
4).The word birch is derived from the German root meaning white, bright, or to shine.
5).The oldest manuscripts were written on birch.
6).The best brooms were made with birch branches to sweep away negative energy.