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Publish My Book™ For You!


We are now available for private parties!


Whether it be for:


  • Birthday parties
  • Minicamps during school vacations
  • Group activities for the kids


Sign up your children "Write Now!" and call to book your very own personal time slot!

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Girl Scout Leaders…we are here for you!


We are a partner of the Girl Scouts and the founder of amazing GS writing workshops.


If your patch has writing requirements, we are your one source solution!


Contact us now for a slot in our fall schedule.


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Sign up now for "Publish My Book™"


At The City of Encinitas Parks & Recreation


Go on WRITE NOW, this Fall…Sign up now at:


City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation Guide Fall-Winter 2014/2015


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Lisa Monaco Gonzales

My name is Lisa Monaco Gonzales.  Formerly from Qualcomm and Verizon, I branched out on my own, building a publishing company. I am now a best-selling author and the founder of our enrichment program, Publish My Book™. The sole purpose of the becoming a  publisher was to have the ability to empower writers, like me, to fulfill their dreams and become published authors and illustrators.

Publish My Book™ has been offered to schools, Parks and Recreation centers, and the Girl Scouts.  We make little authors! Children learn how to write a book, from learning the components of a story, to being educated on the publication process. We have been in private schools across the county from Encinitas to Rancho Santa Fe. We have camps during all the seasons and partner with the Girl Scouts where the girls can be awarded badges once they have completed our writing workshops.

Though most of our customers are children, we also serve adults who want to publish their works and advance in society as a published author. We are here to make dreams come true. We are flexible and we could stretch globally with our certification program which will allow teachers around the world to share in this amazing opportunity with their students too!

Check out our testimonials for what people are saying about Publish My Book™:
Form more information, please contact Lisa at: