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Publish My Book™ For You!

We are now available for private parties!

Whether it be for:

---Birthday parties

-----Minicamps for your children and their friends during school vacation

-------Or an enrichment program with flexible hours

Sign up your children "Write Now!" and call to book your very own personal time slot!

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Girl Scout Leaders…we are here for you!

We are a partner of the Girl Scouts and the founder of amazing GS writing workshops.

If your patch has writing requirements, we are your one source solution!

Call now at 760-310-1899 for a slot in our fall schedule.



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"Publish My Book™" Phase 1 and Phase 2

@ The City of Encinitas Parks & Recreation

This Fall…Sign up now at:

City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation Guide Fall-Winter 2014/2015




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Lisa Monaco Gonzales